Graphic design

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DocuSynthesis specialises in communications, both visual and verbal. We use whatever medium is best suited to convey our client’s strategic message to its intended audience in the clearest, most innovative way.

The DocuSynthesis team believes that a well thought out finishing touch can make all the difference to obtaining an exciting final product.

Simple, Strategic, Sensational: these are the codes we operate by. Simple means we ensure messaging is clear and effective. Strategic alludes to the governance aspect that is integral to much of our work. Sensational is our aim for maximum visual impact.


graphic design

Brand identity
T-shirt design
Corporate profiles / annual reports
Magazines / newsletters / brochures
PowerPoint presentations
Posters and flyers
Invitations for any occasion
Outdoor and indoor signage design

Pull-up banner
Corporate gifts
Package design
Photoshop manipulation
Desktop publishing
Training manuals
CV d

web design

Website development & design
E-commerce website design


We will create a marketing strategy for your business and keep a close eye on how we can improve your sales.


We have all your printing needs from business cards to display stands covered